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For a rush expositor, the most at hand formula he is tempted to associate Ruxandra Papa's painting, is the Surrealism. And certainly, far from refusing the fertile contract with the most impressive achievements of modern art, the artist expressed an indisputable predilection for the respective trend.
However, what seems to me worthy of being remarked is that her painting is not reducible to the kinship with this trend. Applying the syntagma of the magic realism we might much more approach the essence of the painting we are referring to.
Belonging to that category of spirits who, in the words of Camil Petrescu , "contemplate ideas", the artist does not have on her painting cloth and place left to the diurnal concrete aspect, to the ambient.
It is true that, occasionally, in one painting or an other, some solitary personage beyond the limits of the time, in sumptuous raiment, contemplates, with his back to the looker, the infinite.
An art of ideas and intense feelings, a laborious art which means intellectual effort, Ruxandra Papa's painting also gathers precious technical virtues which reveal talent and craftsmanship.
And they reveal something else and that is a solid graphic knowledge, the artist maintaining a very close and long contact with the Renaissance painting, especially with the Flemish-Dutch one, which was thoroughly studied.
Anyway the virtuosity with which she recreates the light the understanding of the secrets linked with the control of colors which she knows how to temperate and exalt, the velvet like ambiance, similar to the "sfumatto Leonardo" like painted surfaces everything make us agree with Dan Haulica when he noticed as he did six years ago in Ruxandra Papa's works " a museum like painting" , and that means an art capable to aspiring to eternity conquering that essential dimension, which is time.

Ruxandra Papa

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