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Year by year, Ruxandra Papa has acquired and deepened the elements of her artistic craftsmanship, continuing to make herself known through the consistency and coherence of an artistic approach.
With this approach, the fantasy and inspiration from reality fruitfully joined together.
The artist combine with a remarkable interest not only the precious composition of the density of ideas, but of the portrait as well.
There are two main chains of Ruxandra Papa's composition, so far, in fact pretexts for a subtle chromatic orchestration, areas for harmony and colors capable of revealing the quality of a vigourous talent which adapts to its own sensibilities the stylistic modalities, without ostentation, but with personality. A way of expression which belongs in the first instance those of compositions to the vast territory of Surrealist painting.
And yet, Ruxandra Papa's surrealism is not "the son of fantasy and twilight", as Aragon defined it in 1924, on the contrary, it is the territory of a quiet reflection. An area environment, does not strictly mean the reality of an exotic vocabulary, but they try wide spaces, spectacular openings, towards the glamorous surface of the sea, white columns bent towards the blue fluid of the sky, the whole theme of these works shows a propensity towards a wide circuit of cultural and human values.
According to the laws of a representative, full of meanings fantasies, the artist's narrative reveals at the same time the care for completing each peace of art, towards a remarkable technical perfection of language.

Ruxandra Papa

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