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Ruxandra Papa's paintings reveal the artist's inner world inviting the visitor to meditation, penetration into an apparently enigmatic atmosphere. Within the archways of the buildings within the wide spaces of nature, in the sunlight, the artist seeks the proofs for her own thoughts, trying to define instances of human being in the universe. The artist convinces us that the objects themselves have a "soul', an obvious life.
What impresses us is the spell of the colors their intensely elaborated harmony, the irreproachable work within the realism trend.
Ruxandra Papa's painting is the fruit of a tense logic, of compositional, coherent and constant science, where the essential issue is the relation between human being and objects, between human being and universe.
Ruxandra Papa's painting which is remarkably delicate combining elegance with seriousness of word, graphic expression with purity, refinement of work with deepness of thoughts offers us a promising perspective.

Ruxandra Papa

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