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Ruxandra Papa presents recent paintings with clear Dali-esque roots, in which she emphasizes a perfect command of the painting technique, with a near perfect use of the graphical sign, together with a chromatic control which enables her to best express her imaginary cues.
In her surreal paintings ideas are diluted into hermetical images, which have the fascination of mystery. Her landscapes are surprising, with strange ruins or walls with no beginning and no detectable ending, or even more mysterious arcade doors.
Everything is immersed into an enchanting and metaphysical light, as if the dream world of the artist would seek to freeze some of her life moments. Archways full of symbols strike the viewer, pointing towards an invisible horizon, suggesting the search of a seemingly forever lost self. The more starved, desired and willing to be defined, the more evanescent it is.
GIORGIO PILLA (Gente Veneta 1997) Venice

Ruxandra Papa

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