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Not belonging to a certain stylistic, in the way of idealizing a model or a prototype, but rather to a family of spirits, through affinities and emotional propensities, the painting, which Ruxandra Papa exhibits minutely and passionately within a continuous ideal dimension which became a programme, belongs to the Surrealistic tension, in some way to the pattern trend, the one illustrated by Magritte of Dali, by Leonor Fini of Pierre Roy.
The fascination of the symbolic object, withdrawn from assets with strong inheritance in time, similar to the cult for a metaphysical scenography of veiling, which separates a possible real. space form an oniric shelter, all of them result from the thought of the permanent human spirit adventure, with accents of "ingegno" and "meraviglia" of a metaphysical style.
Pictorially, each image remains beyond the charade of the mystery within the intellectual approach, a display of graphic virtuosity and chromatic dialogue.

Ruxandra Papa

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