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Ruxandra Papa paints "mystery in daylight" as Virgil Mocanu very well notices in a preface of the catalogue.
Detached from the natural environment and depicted in part as characters in spaces with openings towards infinite the items of our daily life have grandeur and mystery. It is not Surrealism, as some people might think when in a hurry they try to find in a debut the influence of an artistic moment, but portrait painting, under a paradigm sign.
The eyes of an artist know to impose a motif, may this be as common as possible, so that a normal table covered with a cloth may impress us and make us think of philosophical issues.
Analyzing in detail the images created by Ruxandra Papa we could notice that the painter is not interested in objects, but in geometry that the objects have only the role of translating into the known and tangible background a tidy unknown dimension humanized through geometry.
Painters in all times were tempted to architecture wide spaces, touched by melancholy and solitude.
Ruxandra Papa as a person who restored and studied old paintings and artistic techniques, confesses in her painting attractions which honour her.

Ruxandra Papa

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